Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY Painted Vases

Cheap....Cheap....and Cheap. Ok, so do I have your attention now??? I've always loved just plain clear vases, but lately i've been quite bored of the same ol' black...white...clear. So I decided to paint my own. YIKES! I got the idea from Pinterest....you know the site that you have to minimize real quick when you hear the boss coming because you CAN'T GET ENOUGH??!!?? Well first all I did was gather some $1 store vases. YES! Then I made my way to our local craft store where I purchased some FolkArt Enamels #4118 in Yellow Light. This is acrylic paint for glass and ceramics. Best part.....only $2.49. The bottle was small so I bought 2 of them just in case. You would be surprised how far it goes. I only used half a botte, but I am going to do a 2nd coat once this dries. So lets do the math......ohhh only $3.49. Love it!
 I started by just washing it out with soap and water and getting that stupid tag off the bottem that never wants to come off. I turned it upside down and let it dry for about 15 min. Then I wiped it out with  paper towel just to make sure it was completly dry. Then I just squirted a big glob of the paint in the bottom of the vase and spread it around on the inside.
Once you have covered the vase, turn it upside down so that any extra paint comes out. I will add another coat tomorrow night. So waaalaaaaa!!!! Now I must go clean up my mess before the hubby comes home!
XoXo Britt


  1. hot water and rubbing olive oil on the sticky tags gets them off really well! :)